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Once you have a list of datasets and details the next step is to post it on your website, organized by business function or agency. Include information on which datasets are published, unpublished, and in the pipeline, as well as the methodology by which you determined the release schedule, and the release schedule itself. In developing your release schedule, keep in mind any upcoming planned technology updates, new IT systems that may be coming online, or other factors that may interfere. Keep in mind that lists may change as new IT systems come online, and priorities shift according to the realized value of the data.

####Example: City of Chicago Data Dictionary #####Database Detail | Field | Content | | --- | --- | | Database Name: | Congregate Dining Meal Count Application | | Description: | Used to track senior "golden dining" information including meal orders, numbers of participants, and total costs. | | Business Owner: | Department of Family & Support Services | | Contact Information: | 1615 West Chicago Avenue, 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60622-5127 Contact: Matt Smith, 312-743-2031, | | Data Period: | September 2009-present | | Software Platform: | Excel | | General Accuracy, Completeness, Limitations: | Data is added and updated daily. The spreadsheet format is updated annually as needed. | | Comments: | This application's primary user is Senior Services. This system will be replaced by ECM. | | Last Updated: | 2013-04-11 14:40:00 |

Tables / Datasets:

| Name | Description | | --- | --- | | Days | Contains basic days of service information | | Dinings | Contains basic dining information | | Meals | Contains basic meal type information | | Regions | Contains basic region information | | Sites | Contains basic site information | | Status | Contains basic open/close information |

Business Functions: Health & Human Services

####A note about sensitivity Philadelphia's inventory lists all datasets that it uncovers, even those that will never be released due to sensitive content such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or security concerns. Philadelphia lists the following notes with datasets that contain sensitive information: "Some data sets in this inventory cannot be published as open data. Others could be published after sensitive data is removed (such as personal information)."

Step 1. Identify Datasets

Step 3. Determine Priority Release Schedule

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